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  1. Research could also be done to utilize the slag and remains in the power plant four social uses such has development of roads or manure four agriculture.

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An experimentation facility is essential across all phases to evaluate new and changed components in the context of the evolving solution. Every member of ACM is expectedto uphold the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which includes thesegeneral moral imperatives: 1) contribute to society and human well-being 2) avoid harm to others 3) be honest and trustworthy 4) be fair and take action not to discriminate 5) honor property rights including copyrights and patents 6) give proper credit four intellectual property 7) respect the privacy of others 8) honor confidentiality. The ability to store and execute lists of instructions called program. This ended in British defeat and the surrender of Burgoyne's army. The site is also supported by banner ads, which turned out to be a profitable business model. As the people of America demanded a recount, the Bush Administration did not want a recount, because they knew they could lose the election.