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The type of the client server consists of two-tier, three-tier and multi-tier client server.

According to Wilder (1999), "Many companies are struggling with the most basic problem: What's the best E-business model? They're experimenting with different formulas.

The Anti-federalist ViewThe Anti-federalist views we're stated in pamphlets entitled Letters from the Federal Farmer to the Republican.

The different versions of the resolutions are also stored and version levels maintained in the Software Control Manager В– product of Oracle to maintain the different versions of the software and resolutions.

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He believed irrationality is a "comprehensible object of science.

The 1929 Wall Street crash is caused by weaknesses in the US economy. External FactorsExternal attacks can pose greater risks to Information Technology (IT) operations than hurricanes, floods, power outages, and the like.

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